UtahPAWS was formed to help raise awareness of the danger trapping poses to domestic animals and to provide basic safety and rescue information to pet owners.

Utah's public lands offer unique recreational opportunities for dog owners and their pets. Throughout the state there is abundant access to Utah's diverse beauty and on much of this land dogs are allowed to roam off-leash. The Bureau of Land Management controls more than 22 million acres of land in Utah. These lands are used by hunters, ranchers and outdoor recreationalists alike. Dogs are typically allowed off-leash on BLM land unless otherwise noted. Dogs must always be under the voice control of their owners and should never be allowed to harass wildlife or disturb cultural or historic sites.

Many of these same lands are open to trapping which poses very real dangers to people and pets. Like hunting, trapping has 'seasons' for certain animals but it is allowed in some form or another throughout the year.

Always obey leash laws for your pet's safety.

Contact us by emailing: utahpaws@gmail.com