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Our story

After our two dogs were caught in a foothold trap while we were hiking in southeastern Utah we found out we were not alone in our experience. As we told our story to friends and acquaintances we heard similar tales of dogs caught in traps at popular hiking spots or cats wandering out of their yards and into traps in rural areas.

Veterinarians told us they had treated trap-related injuries. Occasionally, a sad story about a dog encountering the lethal traps meant for livestock predators would make the news.

Many others were like us; traps had never been something they thought about as they enjoyed the outdoors in Utah with their pets.

We decided to form UtahPAWS (Pets and Wildland Safety) to educate people about the dangers of traps. On this Web site you will find information about the common types of traps, how they work, how to avoid them and how to help your pet if they are caught.

We would love to hear from you. Please use the 'Contact Us' link to the left to e-mail us with any questions or comments. Also, help others stay informed by posting a comment about your experiences with traps on public lands by using the 'Report' link on the main navigation bar.

Remember that traps are dangerous. If you lack the ability to release a trapped pet, the best action may be to leave the scene and go for help.

Contact us by emailing: utahpaws@gmail.com