Pet Safety

Utah's public lands offer millions of acres of land for people and their pets to enjoy. These same public lands are also open to a multitude of uses including hunting, grazing and trapping. The latter poses relatively unknown risks to domestic animals.

UtahPAWS was formed to help increase awareness of the dangers trapping poses to dogs and other pets, inform their owners about how to keep their animals safe while recreating on public lands and provide tips on how to rescue a trapped pet if they are caught.

Trapping is allowed throughout the state. Primary furbearer seasons are designated from early October to mid-February but trapping is allowed all year long for some species with no license required. Trapping for animals believed to be harassing and killing livestock can occur at any time and may involve the most lethal types of traps for dogs.

It is illegal to remove or disable a trap. If you see a trap it is best to keep your pet away and leave it alone. According to the Utah Furbearer Proclamation published by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, trappers have an "ethical obligation not to set traps in areas where they are likely to be encountered by general public and their pets."

There are four types of traps that you could encounter on public lands in Utah. Click on the links to the left to learn more about these types of traps and check back soon as we update with more photos and illustrations for the trap pages.