Conibear Traps

Conibear Traps:

Conibear traps, also known as bodygrippers, are killers. They clamp onto an animal with as much as 90 pounds of pressure, crushing its body.

Some instruction on releasing a Conibear is offered here but they are difficult to release and a pet's injuries will likely be very serious and possibly fatal. Conibears are often set out in watery areas for beaver. Releasing a conibear requires a lot of strength and is dangerous. When the trap is sprung two tong-like springs are spread out like a "V" on either side of the square jaws. The key to releasing an animal is pulling these springs back together.

A long metal clamping device is used to set the Conibear trap which offers some idea of the pressure required to set the springs. Trying to pull them together with your bare hands would be almost impossible, especially with a larger size trap. A leash or strong shoelace could be used to pull the tongs together on a smaller size conibear                  


Once cinched together, a small metal hook is set to hold the tongs of the spring securely. Two springs, one on each side of the trap, must be cinched together and secured. The square jaws can then be spread apart to release the animal.