Let us and others know about your experiences with traps on public lands.  Feel free to post a comment below.


This is a real danger for rural house animals. I would hate to see my dog lose a paw to this sort of thing.


traps on the Grand Staircase National Monument

Out with the dogs down the Smokey Mountain Road, just a few miles out of town (Escalante, Utah) Less than 50' off the road, right next to a very well traveled (probably cattle) trail one of my dogs stepped in a coyote trap. The trap was well hidden, covered with loose brush. I had just passed within a foot of it without seeing it. This is an area full of small arches, granaries and other sights, but be careful when you leave the dirt road. All perfectly legal.

While I realize that there

While I realize that there are no absolutes and no guarantees it seems to me that domestic pets in the wilderness in Utah are at risk while poisons and traps are allowed. What can be done to stop both of these practices?

Maybe have a rule saying

Maybe have a rule saying that signs need to be posted around these areas so people or pets don't get hurt.

My dog was caught in trap in Weber County

Be aware that someone is setting traps along the trails on DWR property heading up the mountain towards the "U" in the town of Uintah near the mouth of Weber Canyon. Our dog was caught in one of two traps directly beside the trail on Thanksgiving Day. Trail users were given no warning that the traps were there.